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Plus water tank upgrades and fireplace repairs no other HVAC contractor will do

We want to help your family stretch its budget as far as possible. As a family business ourselves, that means offering energy efficient appliances to help you save over time, repairing equipment other contractors pressure you to replace and giving you the option to save 20% on service and repairs by signing up for a WeCare Maintenance plan.

When it comes to the heating and air conditioning Burlington homeowners need, we want to build lasting relationships with our customers, and that means treating you like family.

Lennox-Premier-DealerAs a Lennox Premier Dealer, you can trust our level of service and expertise is among the best of the best.

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Save 20% on all repairs by signing up for our WeCare Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is an unavoidable expense for homeowners. Most don’t like to think about this ongoing expense, but you should. Signing up for a WeCare Maintenance plan will save your family 20% on all maintenance and repairs, and can account for thousands of dollars in savings over the  next 10 years.

Unlike our competitors, our service technicians  and HVAC contractors carry or can source every replacement part your furnace, AC, fireplace or water tank could need, so you get the repair you need when you need it, without the costs associated with a specialty order.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

ABW Halton ClimateCare is part of the ClimateCare cooperative, an Ontario-wide coalition of local HVAC retail contractors. This means we are price competitive with the big utilities without sacrificing our local, personal approach to service.

With us, you have the best of both worlds for heating and air conditioning in Burlington.

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