5 Spring Cleaning Jobs For Your HVAC System

Spring cleaning

At long last, winter is just about over here at ABW Halton ClimateCare.

Here’s a quick recap of what all that snow, ice, and cold temperatures did to your HVAC system over the past 4 ½ months:

  • Excessive ice build-up limited the effectiveness of your system’s defrost cycle
  • It worked incredibly hard to evenly distribute heat throughout your home
  • Snow and/or ice melt may have corroded or damaged internal wires and electrical components
  • If moisture froze on the processing coils, your heat pump may lose a bit of its effectiveness
  • Gunk and debris got caught inside your furnace filter

With spring around the corner, more sunshine, longer days, and warmer temperatures are soon to follow.

And, of course, spring cleaning chores throughout your home.

As you clean your garage, basement, and other areas around your house, make certain you tackle these spring cleaning jobs for your home comfort products.

1. Change the furnace filter

Ever notice just how dirty and grimy the ground looks during the spring thaw?

Dirty air filter

Some of that dirt and grime can be found inside your furnace’s air filtration unit.

During the winter, no appliance in your home was as busy as your furnace. And although you may have replaced your filter before Old Man Winter arrived, it’s best to do it again now that he’s gone.

In fact, switching your air filter is perhaps the single most important HVAC furnace maintenance task you can undertake this spring.

Not only does it help with air quality, it can also reduce energy usage by as much as 15%.

2. Clean the ducts

The air ducts running through your home should be clean and shiny.

Air Duct Cleaning

Which, of course, they won’t be after the long, tough winter we’ve just had in Halton Region.

Hidden allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants could be lurking inside your ductwork. If they aren’t tended to, those impurities will eventually make their way inside your lungs.

Since snow, water, and ice are very prevalent during the winter, duct cleaning can alert you to moisture-based issues occurring in your ducts, such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Fungal growth
  • Leaks

3. Pull weeds, grass, and growth away from your air conditioner

Even in winter, grass and/or weeds still grow (just at a much slower rate).

Any plant growth encroaching on your air conditioner could restrict air flow, which, in turn, minimizes the effectiveness of your home cooling system.

During the snowy season, it may have been hard to tell exactly what was growing near your air conditioner or how close it was getting.

Now that the weather’s improving, you’ll want to keep growth at least 2’ away from your AC unit.

4. Clean out the floor vents

Chances are, the following items got knocked into the floor registers throughout your home:

Floor vent

  • Dirt
  • Pet hair
  • Christmas tree needles
  • Small toys (if you have kids)
  • Food

While giving them a quick vacuum is a good idea from time-to-time, come spring, you’ll want to do even more:

  • Unscrew the vent and remove it from the floor
  • Immerse the vent in a soapy water solution
  • Clean dirt or rust off the vent using a brush or sponge
  • Air dry the vent thoroughly before putting it back in place

5. Declutter your home


One of the most popular spring cleaning chores is to remove any clutter that’s accumulated.

Not only does decluttering free up space, it also helps with your HVAC maintenance too.

The more clutter you have in your house, the more things dust and allergens can sit and/or collect on (especially if it’s something which hasn’t been touched for years).

Dust that’s left alone – while not ideal – won’t circulate throughout your home.

However, the moment that dust is disturbed (for example, by a cat knocking over and old lamp), it spreads throughout your home and worsens its indoor air quality.

You’ve got plenty to do this spring. Let us handle your HVAC system

Spring cleaning is always a busy time of year.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore your HVAC unit. In fact, spring cleaning should start with your home comfort products.

Let us take care of spring cleaning your air conditioner, furnace, and indoor air quality products.

That way, you can focus on the other areas of your home.

Contact us with your questions or comments. You can also request a FREE quote on any of the products or services you’re interested in.

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