How Often Should You Do Furnace Maintenance?

How often should you do furnace maintenance? Twice yearly: Firstly, do it in the fall before the cold weather hits. Cleaning or changing the filter and inspecting the pilot light will help get your furnace ready for the winter. Secondly, do it again in spring, when you no longer need it for the year. This ensures small problems like the burners getting dirty won’t turn into bigger issues.

How often should you do furnace maintenance?

Furnace maintenance in the fall

An obvious answer to the question “how often should you do furnace maintenance?” is autumn. You don’t want to skip it in September or October, only to have your furnace break down on the coldest night in January.

Fall furnace maintenance includes things like:

  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter: Dirt trapped inside the filter travels through the ducts and into your home. It also forces your furnace to work harder and costs more to operate.
  • Gas supply line and pipe fitting inspection: Minimize the chances of your carbon monoxide alarm going off by checking and sealing any gas leaks.
  • Component cleaning: Remove dust and grime from important elements like the blower assembly, fans, pulleys, belts, and all electrical connections.

No doubt about it: Winter is the busiest time of year for your furnace. Scheduling furnace maintenance at this time of year keeps your family safe and comfortable all season long.

How often should you do furnace maintenance? Don’t forget about the spring!

While fall is the first thing people think of when asked when to do furnace maintenance, but after winter – in the spring – is also an important time.

Spring furnace maintenance is important because it:

  • Helps your entire HVAC system: Your furnace works with your air conditioner in summer to deliver cool air throughout the home. A spring tune-up prepares it for the hot months ahead.
  • Removes winter build-up: Your home can get quite stuffy in winter with dust and dirt. Spring furnace maintenance purges these contaminants from your ducts and vents and instantly improves indoor air quality.
  • Extends its lifespan: Spring furnace maintenance keeps your unit in peak working condition. The better shape it’s in, the longer it’ll last. Plus, you minimize the risk of having to pay for costly furnace repairs down the line.

How often should you do furnace maintenance? Here’s how you can remember…

Between family, kids, work, and school, life gets busy. It’s easy to forget about booking furnace maintenance.

It’s also easy to remember when furnace maintenance is part of other bi-annual tasks you take care of, like:

How often should you do furnace maintenance

Changing the clocks

  • When you “spring ahead” or “fall back” are perfect times to get your furnace ready for the upcoming season.

Dental appointments

  • If you schedule dentist appointments every 6 months, try to make sure you do the same for furnace maintenance.

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You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furnace is ready to deliver the home comfort your family deserves.

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