Stay as Warm or as Cool as You Like with HVAC Maintenance in Burlington

ClimateCare offers comprehensive HVAC maintenance in Burlington, so you never have to worry about your heating in the dead of winter, or your cooling at the peak of summer.

Occasional maintenance tasks keep your HVAC system from developing larger problems that can cost you money on your utility bill, or even more money for major repairs. However, few homeowners can perform the maintenance tasks their system needs.

Your HVAC Needs Regular Care

Most homeowners think that HVAC systems only need work if something is broken. In fact, changing filters, cleaning ducts, and checking that machines are running properly is an essential yearly task that can ultimately save you money and future headaches due to broken parts and unexpected repairs.

For example, furnaces need several maintenance items:

  • Replace or clean furnace air filters
  • Check gas supply and pipe fittings
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
  • All components need to be cleaned regularly.

There are 23 other maintenance items our technicians can perform on your furnace to keep it in running order.

WeCare Protection Plus Plan

ABW HaltonClimateCare’s HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to ensure your HVAC system gets the maintenance it needs. When you sign up to the program our fully qualified and licensed technicians will provide your system complete maintenance and repair service. Each part of your system will be thoroughly looked over, with 9 to 26 trouble spots checked and cleaned, depending on the device.

The plan covers all HVAC devices, including:


  • If we find your system needs work, we will give you a discount on labour, just for subscribing to our maintenance program.
  • We cover all parts (with a few exceptions).
  • We won’t charge you more for service we perform outside of normal business hours, so if your furnace runs into a problem on a Friday night one winter, we’ll be there, at no extra cost.
  • We will ensure your appointments are our priority over our customers who don’t subscribe to our maintenance plan.
  • There’s no annual maximum dollar value on our HVAC maintenance plan. Whatever your system needs, we’ll provide it, so you’re never too cold or too hot.

Take the worry out of winter and don’t sweat about summer! Contact us today to get our HVAC maintenance plan in Burlington.