Affordable Furnace Maintenance in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario

Furnace maintenance and furnace repairMinimize the chance of a winter furnace breakdown by purchasing a WeCare furnace maintenance plan. Cleaning, maintenance and preventative service help to minimize the chances your system will fail unexpectedly.

And if you sign up for a maintenance plan, you’ll instantly save 20% on all furnace repair service in Hamilton, Ontario (and every other area we service, including Burlington, Dundas, Oakville and surrounding areas).

Regular maintenance is the best investment

Throughout the lifespan of a typical furnace, some minor repairs will eventually have to be made along the way.

You can reduce the chance you’ll need unexpected repairs by subscribing to a maintenance plan. Regular maintenance visits will help us catch any impending problems and fix them before they become major.

And you’ll save 20% on all repairs by signing up for a WeCare Maintenance and Protection Plan today.

Protect all your HVAC appliances

Pick and choose parts of your maintenance plan to manage all of your home heating and cooling systems. You can include:

What does a maintenance plan cover?

To help you avoid emergency furnace repair, Hamilton, Ontario maintenance plans include complete service for your furnace. Technicians will:

  • Clean or replace the furnace air filter (you’ll be amazed at how dirty this gets in just a few months).
  • Review the gas supply line and pipe fittings (so you’ll never have to worry about a gas leak).
  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion.
  • Clean all components, including blower assembly, fans, pulleys, belts and electrical connections.
  • Undergo an in-depth inspection including 23 additional steps (you can ask your technician about every step).

 What if I opt in to the extended plan?

When you subscribe to a protection plus plan, you get all of the benefits of a maintenance plan, plus:

  • No charge for standard parts and labour if repairs are required, including after hours.
  • No annual maximums.

Avoid the excessive costs of emergency furnace repair, Mississauga

Ontario homeowners spend too much on furnace repairs by only booking when something goes wrong.

Subscribe to a maintenance plan and manage the cost of furnace ownership predictably. Get in touch a member of our team now to customize your maintenance plan, or protection plus plan to cover your home heating and cooling systems, and find out how affordable coverage can be.

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