Choose Comfort with HVAC in Burlington, Ontario

Looking for a Burlington HVAC company? Whether you’re battling the frigid winter, looking to boost your air quality, or increase your hot water capacity, ABW Halton Climate Care is your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs.

We’ve got 6 main options for you

Save Money with HVAC in Burlington, Ontario

Homeowners looking for reliable HVAC in Burlington, Ontario want access to a variety of top HVAC brands. When choosing an HVAC product, it’s important to consider durability and energy efficiency. These two factors will ultimately help save you money.

With the latest in heating and cooling technology, ABW Halton ClimateCare is committed to helping you save on your family’s utility costs by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. The cost-effective, ground-breaking HVAC equipment our experts highly recommend include:

  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat: Why heat or cool your home when you’re not there?
  • Water Heater Ownership: You might be surprised to learn that owning a water heater is more cost-effective than renting one from an HVAC company. Plus, the latest water heaters can deliver hot water for as long as you like.
  • UV Whole House Air Purifiers: It’s especially important for those with asthma or allergies to increase their air quality, but everyone benefits from cleaner air.
  • Central Boilers: Boiler technology has recently surged forward, with dramatic increases in energy efficiency. Do you want to take advantage of the related cost savings?
  • Radiant Floor Heating: We know the pain of cold toes on winter mornings. Radiant floor heating is the perfect solution to make any floor in your home toasty warm.

Interested in upgrading to one of these products but worried about the costs? We offer financing options as well as maintenance and protection plans specially designed for homeowners like you.

Ready to Upgrade Your Comfort at Home?

If you’re ready to choose a new HVAC product to make your life a little warmer, cooler, or cost-effective, contact the team at ABW Halton ClimateCare. We’ll exceed your expectations and provide you with the best HVAC in Burlington, Ontario.